Wednesday, April 8, 2009

" Holidays Movie Date " @ 288 Melting Pot Bar , Heng Shan lu every Saturday , Slumdog Millionaire this Saturday, May 2 with SNOW Ladies;)

288 Melting Pot invite you , weekend event @ the outlet @ Heng Shan lu, Saturday' Oscar movie& Smooth Jazz, every Saturday@ 3-8pm

from last Saturday SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, best picture to this week, The readers with Kate Winslet

Saturday's movie&jazz event this weekend with these special programs at 288 Melting Pot

Refreshment : 48 rmb with selections of afternoon tea/coffee + desserts / POP corns + soft drinks + melting pot burger

3-5pm : The movie on screen, The readers ( best actress of OSCAR 2009 ) with SH friends at maximum 50 people.

5-8pm : Happy hours with Live music smooth Jazz with Dave Dana& Peng Peng, K.O.S

Venue : 288 Melting Pot, Heng Shan lu no. 10/ yong jia lu, ( Heng shan lu, Metro station exit 3 on the left) tel; 6466 2101

see ya....SNOW friends in Shanghai

For more information for SNOW membership email to SNOW-SHG@GMAIL.COM

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ladies, come and check out the new tune of music in Shangahai, Urban Soul with Black-American Soul Music from the US.

Lucius Clark, Ronnie Williams and KOS at Melting Pot, Heng Shan lu, no.10

SNOW starts the fist event for professional ladies 2009 in Shanghai.

Upcoming new band in town - Ronnie Williams & K.O.S - Keepers of swing will be the resident band at the Melting Pot, first show featuring Lucius Clark who just come back from the winter break, you only will know how it will be if you come on Friday, Mar.6, 10 pm at 288 HSL ( the Melting pot bar and restaurant at Heng Shan lu no. 10 cross Wulumuqi lu )

" We guarenteed Lucius clark, Ronnie Williams and K.O.S .will grasp urban ladies ' soul and take your breath away. They did to me and Alyssa so come and joy a geat blend of R&B, Hip hop with some elements of Jazz, Urban Soul- new tune in Shanghai next Friday, March 6 from 10pm "

Before the show of the band, our new executive chef and co founder of SNOW, Alyssa Han, will create her Chinese urban cuisine, with 4 courses including a glass of house wine at 288 rmb for two( lady and her man) from 7-9pm. The Melting pot offers one free Ladies' Soul Cocktail created by our mixologist, Tommy Peres from the Philippines will swing his vodka mixed same time.

Contributed by Co founder of SNOW, Ruby Hsiao, the owner of 288 Melting pot bar and restaurant. See ya ladies.....Ruby Hsaio

Check out Lucius Clark on my space :

Sunday, August 31, 2008

My inspiration to my best friend, Nui/ Pacharee the founder of BANGKOK NETWORK OF WOMEN,, NOW to Shanghai...alyssa

Shanghai, the city with many professional women from all over the world. As one of them from Bangkok and a member of BOW ( Bangkok Network of women ), I have had inspiration from all beautiful works of my best friend, Pacahree ( Nui ) to launch BNOW and become one of most popular net work for women in Bangkok.

With same background but less years in Shanghai than Nui( Pacharee )'s years in Bangkok, I moved to work in Shanghai since year 2002. It has been six years back and forth Shanghai - Bangkok - Hongkong. I have lived most in Shanghai for my Thai restaurant, Brasserie Alyssa and Thaifoodstation. The restaurant has brought me many opportunities to meet a lot of different professional women in Shanghai. They are all very interesting to what they are doing. Most of these talent, professional, beautiful ladies has made my inspiration to launch SNOW ( Shanghai Network of Women ) with the first activity and soon will be organised , Speed Dating under the supervision from Pacharee ( Chairwoman of BNOW ( Bangkok Network of Women ) mid of January 2009
will keep you posted on this blog, ladies
Alyssa Han
founder, SNOW
OFFICE: 64730938
TEL : 86 15026593806/13311997020